If you are looking for a new dental home in Tulsa that will protect, maintain, and improve your smile, élan by Dr. Meghan Hodges would like to welcome you to ours. Our extended dental family includes cosmetic dentist Dr. Meghan Hodges, inspired and compassionate staff, and tons of happy patients who are as eager as they are confident to share their beautiful smiles. From routine checkups and cleanups to advanced cosmetic dentistry, we offer a full range of care with the same commitment to excellence. Every patient deserves our best, and that includes you!

                    Among the cosmetic dentistry services we offer are full mouth reconstruction, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, one-visit dental crowns, gum disease treatment, dental implants, general dentistry and more! If you want to know whether we offer a specific procedure, please call (918) 528-3330 and ask our cosmetic dentist and staff. We are always happy to hear from current or future patients and we can answer any questions you may have.

                    宝贝 别怕 第一次有点痛

                    (918) 528-3330 and ask. We are always happy to hear from current or future patients and our cosmetic dentist can answer any questions you may have.
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                    宝贝 别怕 第一次有点痛

                    TMJ TREATMENT

                    Do you have headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, earaches, ringing in the ears or dizziness that your doctor can’t explain or treat? TMJ may be the cause. We offer effective, drug-free treatment for TMJ.
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                    COSMETIC DENTISTRY

                    An attractive smile is a vital personal and professional asset. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, our cosmetic dentist can design a smile makeover just for you.
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                    GENERAL DENTISTRY

                    A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. And your oral health is a vital foundation to your overall health. We offer a full range of treatments to maintain your health, including checkups, cleanings, and fillings.
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                    CUSTOM DENTURES

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                    宝贝 别怕 第一次有点痛

                    (918) 528-3330 to get started on your own smile makeover!
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                    宝贝 别怕 第一次有点痛

                    宝贝 别怕 第一次有点痛

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                    By élan 08 Jan, 2020
                    Full mouth rehabilitation, sometimes called full mouth reconstruction, is similar to a smile makeover, but with a heavy focus on the health and function of your teeth as well as their appearance.

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